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Who can go to work during “Stay at Home” order in Meck. County

Who is considered essential worker?

“Mecklenburg County has issued a Stay at Home Order beginning Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 8:00 a.m. valid through April 16, 2020 but it states that only people provingin “Essential Services” can go to work; here is the list:

Businesses and types of work are considered essential:

  • Healthcare, public health, law enforcement, public safety and first responders

  • Food, beverages, and agriculture (manufacturing, production, processing, cultivation including farming, livestock,
    fishing, baking, distribution of animals and good for consumption, providing food, shelter, and other necessities for

  • Stores that sell groceries and medicine

  • Organizations that provide charitable and social services (businesses and religious and secular nonprofit organizations including food banks, when providing food and shelter, social services, and other necessities for life for
    economically disadvantaged or needy individuals, individuals who need assistance, and people with disabilities).
    • Energy
    • Water and wastewater
    • Transportation and logistics
    • Public works
    • Communication and information technology
    • Media

  • Gas stations and businesses needed for transportation (gas stations and auto-supply, auto-repair, and related
    facilities and bicycle shops and related facilities)

  • Financial institutions (banks, currency exchange, consumer lenders, including but not limited, to payday lenders,
    pawnbrokers, consumer installment lenders and sales finance lenders, credit unions, appraisers, title companies,
    financial markets, trading and future exchanges, affiliates of financial institutions, entities that issue bonds, related
    financial institutions, and institutions selling financial products)

  • Hardware and supply stores

  • Critical trades (building and construction – plumbers, electricians, exterminators, cleaning and janitorial staff for
    commercial and governmental properties, security staff, operating engineers, HVAC, painting, moving and relocation
    services, and other service providers who provide services that are necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation,
    and essential operation of residences, essential activities, and essential businesses)

  • Mail, post, shipping, logistics, delivery, and pick-up services (post offices and other businesses that provide shipping
    and delivery services, businesses that ship or deliver groceries, food, goods or services to end users or through
    commercial channels)

  • Laundry services
    • Restaurants for consumption off-premises (in-house delivery, third-party deliver, drive-through, curbside pick-up,
    and carry-out)

  • Supplies to work from home

  • Supplies for essential businesses and operations (see #14 in the order for details)

  • Transportation (airlines, taxis, public transportation, vehicle rental, logistics)

  • Home-based care and services (home-based care for adults, seniors, children, people with disabilities)

  • Residential facilities and shelters

  • Professional services (legal, accounting, insurance, real estate, restricted to appraisal and title services)

  • Childcare centers (for specific employees – first responders, healthcare workers, public health, etc)

  • Manufacture, distribution, and supply chain (see #20 for details)

  • Hotels and motels

  • Funeral services

  • Other community-based government operations and essential functions including human services

  • Other community-based human service operations

  • Critical manufacturing

  • Hazardous materials

Visit the official City of Charlotte Website with full info


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