At the Worker's Center, we provide a safe environment for day laborers to connect with employment opportunities.

We advocate for fair wages and safe working conditions for all workers.  The hiring process is easy and convenient, simply call, text or e-mail your labor needs.  For skilled labor, please call 48 hours ahead of the date you’ll require the workers. 

The workers Center is a worker focused center with amenities to help workers wait in a climate controlled facility in summer and in the winter and we provide opportunities to learn about labor rights, safety and security in the workplace, and financial education and skills training opportunity like ESL.  We offer our services free of charge to workers and employers. 


The Workers Collaborative Center operates at no cost to employers or workers.  We do not hire nor supervise workers and it is up to the employer to comply with all applicable employment laws and employer responsibilities. 

The Workers Collaborative Center accepts no payment from workers or employers.

Workers and employers negotiate all contracts and monetary transactions directly.

* We are not a staffing agency. We don’t recruit. We are not the employer.

For Employers


One stop assistance in finding the workers you need.


Provide support to facilitate the employment terms and negotiation

No Agency Fees

The Worke's Center is not a staffing agency, our services are free for workers and employers.

If you are interested in hiring a worker please 

Or Call us (980) 320 3741

Benefits For Workers

  • Sanctioned and safe facility where to wait for employment opportunities

  • Assistance in communicating with employers to negotiate employment and pay

  • Labor rights education to minimize exploitation


  • Job Bank assistance to find long-term employment

  • Culturally sensitive training and skills development opportunities

  • OSHA Health & Safety training for the work place

  • All our services are provided a no cost

For Workers

New workers are asked to enroll and participate in the Worker’s Center Orientation on Mondays at 8 am.  Workers are required to register and participate in the New Worker orientation to receive our services. 

Get Involved

The Worker Center is currently seeking volunteers and community partners who may be interested in providing training and education opportunities. The LAC envisions a diverse, rotating class and labor-rights education schedule. Current day laborers have expressed a need for skill-building opportunities involving construction, work safety, and negotiation skills as well as general life-skills such as English for work and personal budgeting.

Contact La Coalición

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A representative from our team will contact you regarding your inquiry.

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