Our Classes

Due to COVID-19 our class schedule and process is constantly changing. We are encouraging as much virtual classes as possible for everyone’s safety, please follow the instructions at the time of registration.


Basic English Class

Our basic ESL class taught by CPCC instructors is held every spring and fall semester. Classes are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 12 pm – 3:00 pm for 10 weeks. This is the perfect class to help you learn at your own pace. Class is free, but you must register and attend the placement test to participate.

Advanced English Conversation Class

Improve vocabulary, pronunciation and gain trust in the english language; a necessary tool for better employment opportunities and independence in your daily activities. This class is provided in the spring and fall. 

Contact us to know new registration dates.

English For Citizenship

If you are ready to become a Citizen this class prepares you for the exam. This program is free of charge thanks to Charlotte Area Fund.

Computer Class

In collaboration with Digital Charlotte, our free computer class is taught in Spanish every spring and fall semester. Classes are Thursdays from 10am – 12pm for 6 weeks.

Know Your Rights

KYR workshops are held monthly. In this informative workshop you will learn what your rights are before law enforcement and immigration officers. you will learn what can you say and what you need to avoid; and how you to exercise your rights to protect yourself and your family. Anyone interested in learning about their rights is welcome to attend. No registration is required.


Mentorship Program

GANAS is a mentorship program from La Coalición, where “LIFE NAVIGATORS”  mentor seniors who are on the verge of graduating but are struggling to reach that goal. We Will provide training, and ongoing support. Interested contact us here

We're Here to Help


Call or stop by our Immigrant Welcome Center to register for classes 704-531-3848.


Intermediate Conversation class is $65.


Participants must register ahead of time for all classes. Multi-level: participants must be present for the first day of testing to participate. Intermediate conversation class: students must have a basic English language ability – be able to have a simple conversation in English.

Contact La Coalición

 4938 Central Ave. Suite 101 Charlotte, NC 28205

A representative from our team will contact you regarding your inquiry.

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