Our Programs

Every year more than 1000 immigrants engage in our EMC services as we work together to increase the Economic Mobility of Latinos in the Charlotte area.

Labor Rights

We work with immigrant workers who have been illegally denied payment by their employers, facilitate the recuperation of stolen wages, and prevent exploitation through community education.

Small Business Development

We offer an annual business seminar for entrepreneurs to learn the skills necessary to start a new business or improve one already established. We also provide basic information in one-on-one sessions one walk-in-basis such as how to register your business, where to get permits and much more.

Workforce Development

We connect immigrant workers to employment opportunities through a weekly How to Find a job workshop, resume development, one-on-one coaching, job placements and application assistance.


Who can get our services?

 We provide guidance and support to any worker in need of our services regardless of immigration status or national origin.

How much does it cost?

 Thanks to generous community donations most EMC programs are free although we charge a small fee for the small business program.

How can I get help?

If you are looking for a job the first step is to attend the How to Find a Job workshop at la Coalición, held every Wednesday at 9:30am. No registration is required.

Victim of Labor Abuse?

If you believe you have been the victim of labor abuse, the first step is to attend our Labor Rights workshop, held every Thursday at 4pm, no registration is required. Subsequently, a case management plan will be established with a staff member. For additional information please contact the EMC at 704-941-2550.

Contact La Coalición

 4938 Central Ave. Suite 101 Charlotte, NC 28205

A representative from our team will contact you regarding your inquiry.

La Coalición