TPS for Venezuelans

TPS for Venezuelans 

TPS for Venezuelans is a reality.

 The registration period is March 09 – September 05, 2021.

We no longer have appointments available to assist with Venezuelan TPS, so we have decided to hold two workshops to continue helping our community. Only 15 places will be available per workshop.

Dates: July 17 and August 14.

1. Complete the following form. Once completed and, you will receive a confirmation call from one of our agents.

2. Collect all the supporting documents you need to apply.

3. We will complete your applications, collect signatures and payment.

4. We will mail your application to USCIS. 


Our team is a group of professionals accredited by the Department of Justice, trained in immigration law, and authorized to do this work. Our services are professional and at low cost.


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Contact La Coalición

 4938 Central Ave. Suite 101 Charlotte, NC 28205

A representative from our team will contact you regarding your inquiry.

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