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Oct 29 2020


By appointment Only
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Community Id Issuance

The community ID is an alternate form of Identification that is supported by the Faith Action ID network. Unlike foreign government issued ID's our community ID includes their address and must be renewed every year.


  1. Participate in a Know your rights info-session provided same day.
  2. Bring a government issued identification from your country of origin. For example: Passport, Consular Card, State Driver’s License even if is expired.
  3. Proof of current address:
    1. Utility bill
    2. Bank Statement
    3. Rent Lease
    4. Medical Bills
  4. Cost of identification $10 (please bring exact change in cash, we can’t give change back)

Please keep in mind that we will be attending by appointment only.

  1. Prior to the appointment you must send the following either by email or text
  2. ID Request Form
  3. Proof of Governement Issue ID
  4. Proof of current address

Only after we receive such documentation by email or text, we will confirm your appointment. We will get in touch with you to let you know the time.

Text to (704) 941 2550

We clarify that this identification does not replace a driver's license and that it is not the duty of a police officer to accept it as such.

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